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Convert all of your old images to next-gen (WebP).
Brandon Osborne

by Brandon Osborne on 8/16/2020

I couldn't find anything on the web that I liked to recursively convert all images within an unlimited number of sub-folders into WebP for Windows, so I wrote a quick Powershell function to do it for me and wanted to share it with the world. In the next version I'll show you how to go about losslessly optimizing the generated files.
Scripting Powershell

Optimizing ZenDesk Chat for Different Devices
Brandon Osborne

by Brandon Osborne on 4/27/2020

Website based chat systems like ZenDesk Chat can be essential in turning a lead into a sale or even giving customers peace of mind 24/7 by offering online support. In ZenDesk's "infinite wisdom" they neglected to provide customers with a way to effectively reposition the chat button for users browsing your site on mobile phones. Their Javascript API's setPositionMobile function only provide a means to dock the button in the bottom left, bottom middle, or bottom right. Ummm... well, what if you already have something occupying that space? I've seen the question asked many times, but ZopIm never bothers to respond with an answer, so I decided to create an extension method and show you how to do it too!
Javascript jQuery ZenDesk Chat Online Sales Customer Service

Umbraco 8 - Member Handling & Security
Brandon Osborne

by Brandon Osborne on 4/17/2020

In this post, you will learn about member authentication and authorization and the difference between the two. We will be creating multiple member types and then authorizing certain types of users to access only certain pages within the website that we created in the previous post.
ASP.Net MVC C# Umbraco 8 Authentication Authorization

.Net Core 3 with Entity Framework
Brandon Osborne

by Brandon Osborne on 3/17/2020

A lot of developers are having issues getting Entity Framework working with the latest version of .Net Core 3. I myself ran into some issues creating a data access library .net core (3.1.2) class today and of course went Googling for an answer and was surprised that most of the answers were either incomplete or just plain wrong. This post aims to rectify that problem.
.Net Core 3 C# Entity Framework

ASP.Net Core 3 Identity
Brandon Osborne

by Brandon Osborne on 9/24/2019

Just days after .Net Core 3 was released, we are providing an in depth article describing how to use the new Core 3 Identity object. We also go into detail on how to do third party authentication with Facebook and account confirmation via email.
ASP.Net Core 3 C# Identity User Authentication

Umbraco 8 - Surface Controllers & Macros
Brandon Osborne

by Brandon Osborne on 6/7/2019

We cover creating a functional macro that can be used within any page in your Umbraco site or web app. This macro will be a contact us form, that uses a special controller called a surface controller that is specific to Umbraco. We will also be covering master templates that make your code much more modular.
ASP.Net MVC C# Umbraco 8 Bootstrap 4

Umbraco 8 - Introduction
Brandon Osborne

by Brandon Osborne on 4/24/2019

This article is an introduction to the latest & greatest version of Umbraco. In this article we delve into the new features of Umbraco, installing Umbraco and setting up a customizable homepage. We also define the main concepts of the back office and how to manage it. This article requires no previous knowledge of Umbraco, but does expect that the reader have experience in ASP.Net MVC, HTML, and Javascript. It also assumes that the user has Visual Studio.
ASP.Net MVC C# Bootstrap 4 Umbraco 8