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Crafting unique experiences by enhancing usability, accessibility, and pleasurable user interaction with your products.

Network Administration

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, we have the expertise to keep your network & servers running at optimal performance.

Software Development

Creating state-of-the-art applications to save you & your staff time and money, plus the experience to even expand upon your vision.


If you build it... they won't come. So a good search engine optimization/marketing strategy is essential for growth!

Tech Writing & Blogging

Creating engaging & effective prose is one of our specialties and can bolster SEO and establish you as an industry expert.


We specialize in crafting fully adaptive web projects that automatically adjust to any screen!

Database Administration

We have extensive experience in Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Anywhere, and SQL Server from both administrative & programming perspectives.


We have multilingual help desk techs ready to assist you in the US, Romania, and LATAM standing by to help you 24/7/365!

Information Security

From penetration testing to disaster recovery, we've got you covered! We even have a multitude of software to monitor your network so you can leave the worry to your competitors.

Crafting Unique Applications

Each application that we produce is one-of-a-kind. Every new client is guaranteed to leave satisfied and inspired. Every new app is a masterpiece that is specifically created to reveal your business atmosphere.

Latest Articles

I couldn't find anything on the web that I liked to recursively convert all images within an unlimited number of sub-folders into WebP for Windows, so I wrote a quick PowerShell function to do it for me and wanted to share it with the world. In the next version I'll show you how to go about lossless optimization of the generated files.

Website based chat systems like ZenDesk Chat can be essential in turning a lead into a sale or even giving customers peace of mind 24/7 by offering online support. In ZenDesk's "infinite wisdom" they neglected to provide customers with a way to effectively reposition the chat button for users browsing your site on mobile phones. Their Javascript API's setPositionMobile function only provide a means to dock the button in the bottom left, bottom middle, or bottom right. Ummm... well, what if you already have something occupying that space? I've seen the question asked many times, but ZopIm never bothers to respond with an answer, so I decided to create an extension method and show you how to do it too!

In this post, you will learn about member authentication and authorization and the difference between the two. We will be creating multiple member types and then authorizing certain types of users to access only certain pages within the website that we created in the previous post.

A lot of developers are having issues getting Entity Framework working with the latest version of .Net Core 3. I myself ran into some issues creating a data access library .net core (3.1.2) class today and of course went Googling for an answer and was surprised that most of the answers were either incomplete or just plain wrong. This post aims to rectify that problem.

Just days after .Net Core 3 was released, we are providing an in depth article describing how to use the new Core 3 Identity object. We also go into detail on how to do third party authentication with Facebook and account confirmation via email.


Latest News 

Beating out all of the competition on the freelancing website, Brandon Osborne single-handedly beat out all other technology & programming agencies and professionals to take the number 1 spot in October 2021!

Today we hired a new Senior Web Developer, Josh McGuinness. Josh comes to us with more than ten years of experience in programming and web design. He has a great eye for emerging technologies & is predominately focused on the LAMP stack as far as programming.

After many years of working with the content management system, Umbraco. We started fixing bugs and adding requested features. We have earned a contributor badge. It feels great to know that soon hundreds of thousands of people will be using code we wrote!

Today, we officially released our new and vastly improved website. It’s still a work in progress, so please excuse the mess while we finish rolling out updates.

We are seeking a part-time freelance Senior C# Developer on an ongoing basis. There will be a lot of work for the right candidate!

Programming... "Done Right the First Time!"

"Prolific developers don’t always write a lot of code, 
instead, they solve a lot of problems. 
The two things are not the same."
— J. Chambers