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The folks at coderPros have been busy bees lately! We are super excited to be nearing the completion of several development initiatives that we have been hard at work on for years! Please read more about them below and feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration or if you have any questions!

Single Sign-On

Our SSO solution provides our customers with authentication and authorization services for their apps and websites. Unlike most solutions, we haven't left legacy customers out in the cold. We have written wrappers for our solution in Classic ASP, VB Script, and even PowerShell! 


Our testing solution will provide you with a simple means for offering tests and surveys to your customers. This is an end to end solution that allows you to easily create tests on any topic, create certificates from one of our beautifully designed starter templates, or creating your own, and finally even automatically mailing the certificates via email or post! 

Mail Scrubber

If you're like most businesses, then you probably have a large email list, but you really aren't certain of the quality of that list. How many of those emails in your mailing list are actually valid? It's not only annoying, but it can be expensive having these low-quality email addresses in your lists and has a seriously detrimental on your sender reputation.

We've been using the major freelancing networks both as employers and freelancers for more than twenty years. We are quite honestly sickened by the way that both freelancers and employers are treated on these marketplaces. There are far too many completely unqualified or underqualified freelancers that employers have to weed through and those that are qualified have to read through silly "requirements" consisting of 10 words and then if they are unlucky enough to have to get an unprofessional deadbeat employer that doesn't want to pay, both parties pay for "arbitration," where most times the first-party arbitrator doesn't even look at the project and simply sides with the employer and steals from the freelancer.

The primary goals of BuyCoders are:

  • To vet freelancers so that employers don't have to!
  • Penalize & ban automatic bidders that don't even bother to read requirements.
  • Prohibit employers from posting projects with unactionable requirements that they ofttimes then try to hold the freelancer to.
  • Support freelancers with continued training.
  • Provide third-party arbitration so this will be the first truly fair marketplace for employers and freelancers alike.