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Discover the Difference That Others Have Come to Expect is a full-service information technology provider with offices in the United States, Europe, and South America offering website design, programming, and promotion services. Whether your need is large or small, we will develop a suitable, stylish, and quality technology product adjusted to your requirements for a reasonable price.

Coder Pros has completed more than 600 projects for clients fromĀ 20 countries.

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Latest Technologies

We have been on the bleeding edge of technology since the 90s and we like it there. No matter how new a technology is, we most likely know it. If we don't, we would love to learn it.

Competitive Prices

We are confident that you won't find a better cost to benefit ratio anywhere.


All of our customers receive free hosting for as long as they remain an active client.


Tired of excuses and missed deadlines? Give us a call and watch those issues become a thing of the past!

Money Back Guarantee

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. If any of our solutions are flawed, we will gladly refund your money no questions asked.


From flashing Philips Hue lights to blind us in the middle of the night to notifications on Echo and TV, we are always available to help by phone, email, or via live chat.


Brandon Osborne's Photo

Brandon Osborne

Chief Software Architect

Brandon has more than twenty years of experience as an architect and developer specializing in cutting edge Microsoft technologies. Over the years, he has consulted for some of the biggest names in the business and truly enjoys helping bring clients' dreams to fruition. When not working, Brandon can be found gallivanting around the world, hiking, attending meetups, and learning about new technologies.

Dan Sterling's Photo

Dan Sterling

Principal Consultant, Linux Services

Dan is responsible for managing all things relating to the Linux side of the shop, from server administration to PHP development. He has more than ten years of solid Linux experience, before that he was actually a veterinarian, which of course means he has a great eye for detail.

Gisele Hernandez's Photo

Gisele Hernandez

QA Manager

Gisele keeps us all in check. She tediously tests our websites and applications. It is also her responsibility to proof-read our multilingual sites that are in Spanish. She has caused us many late nights when she discovers bugs prior to implementations, so be sure to show her some love.

Diablito 's Photo


Chief Hair Distribution Officer

Diablito is largely responsible for keeping our maid employed, chasing his tail every time the doorbell rings, and is our official timekeeper because after 6:00 PM he starts barking incessantly because he wants to go home.

Latest News

Beating out all of the competition on the freelancing website, Brandon Osborne single-handedly beat out all other technology & programming agencies and professionals to take the number 1 spot in October 2021!

Today we hired a new Senior Web Developer, Josh McGuinness. Josh comes to us with more than ten years of experience in programming and web design. He has a great eye for emerging technologies & is predominately focused on the LAMP stack as far as programming.

After many years of working with the content management system, Umbraco. We started fixing bugs and adding requested features. We have earned a contributor badge. It feels great to know that soon hundreds of thousands of people will be using code we wrote!

Today, we officially released our new and vastly improved website. It’s still a work in progress, so please excuse the mess while we finish rolling out updates.

We are seeking a part-time freelance Senior C# Developer on an ongoing basis. There will be a lot of work for the right candidate!

CoderPros is seeking a part-time freelance PHP Developer on an ongoing part-time basis. There are two immediate needs; assuming all goes well, this will lead to many other opportunities.