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This is our web-based and mobile-friendly complete testing system. In Quiz++, you can create professional assessments with multiple-choice, free-form text, or video responses from your test-takers. You are free to mix and match any of the question & answer methods. You can even design certificates that can be emailed to your test takers after successfully completing their exam. Certifications can either be automatically generated (multiple choice only exams) or tests can be manually graded by a professional. We can even handle mailing certificates and/or test results throughout the United States, European Union, and Australia! 

Quiz++ is also integrated with coderPro Single Sign-On, so we can easily integrate with your own oAuth based authentication system, Active Directory, or countless other third-party authentication provides (i.e. LinkedIn, OpenID, Facebook, Twitter)! This is just a part of our much larger LMS (Learning Management System) due out in early 2023, so keep checking in on our progress or sign up for the newsletter below! 

We are currently putting the finishing touches on this product, but it will be available in Q1 2022. In the meantime, if you'd like to arrange a demonstration or ask for more information, please use the following contact form. Please take a moment to sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to request access. Customers on our waiting list will get deep discounts that won't be available after its official release. 
Quiz++ Coming Soon!