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Who We Are was started in 2007 by Brandon Osborne after nearly a decade of consulting around the US. We have been focused primarily on Microsoft and Adobe technologies spanning the full spectrum of Information Technology from our inception. Some of our clients have included the United States Department of Defense, South Carolina Department of Transportation, Verizon, Andale, IBM, and many other organizations, large and small. excels at custom web and software development. We love taking on challenging projects that require full-on strategy, thoughtful design, demanding development, and ongoing marketing. We take pride in providing fast and responsive turnaround times to your immediate needs.

That being said; unfortunately, not all developers are created equally. Over the years, has become known as turnaround consultants. We often fix projects that have gone off the rails by completely redeveloping them or surgically excising/modifying bad coding and leveraging various technologies to hold the originally poorly developed application together and make it faster.

You can find out more about the services that we offer here.

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Our Management Team

Photo of Brandon Osborne


Our chief technologist. Brandon oversees the architecture of all projects and acts as lead developer on all Windows-based projects.

Photo of Dan


Our Linux Jedi. Dan oversees the Linux side of the shop and never leaves a stone unturned.


Careers at

Flexible Schedule

As long as you are doing your job well and make the daily SCRUMs, your schedule is entirely up to you.


Our Chief Software Architect spent ten years traveling the globe. You can too! (p.s. He's always eager to talk about it, so just ask if you're curious how). 

No Micro-management

We know you’re here to work hard. Experience what it’s like to be fully empowered.

Ongoing Education

There's always something new to learn in this business. Learn with us as we grow.

Developer Mentoring

From the bottom to the top, every level of our IT staff is encouraged and expected to mentor juniors.


Every year management and developer staff have an annual retreat in some far-flung locale. Last year it was Galapagos, Ecuador.